a for-youth, by-youth collective advocating for SRHR in “canada”

what do we do?

founded in 2018 and operationalized in 2020, iyafp canada is a member of the international youth alliance for family planning (IYAFP) – a global organization advocating for equitable family planning. we organize within the intersections of all things related to sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice for youth in what is currently known as “canada.” with over 20 members, comprised of young people across the country, we advocate for the co-ownership and co-development of policies, programs, and legislature about youth, with youth.

highlights of our work

[2021] iyafp canada x WHO human reproductive taskforce
iyafp canada & youth coalition x risingyouth
iyafp canada x USAID & save the children

@iyafpcanada | @canadaiyafp

unceded & stolen territory
turtle island | “canada”