why does iyafp canada exist?

iyafp canada exists to provide youth perspectives on adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (AYSRHR). iyafp canada provides a unique space for youth to connect, support, and learn from one another, in order to better participate and innovate the AYSRHR system around them.

“canada” and the “canadian” government plays a rather large role in srhr-funding globally, but often fails to address AYSRHR-related concerns at home. as a result, iyafp canada works to bring further awareness to issues of aysrhr access and neocolonialism in international assistance.

history of iyafp

iyafp was born at the international conference for family planning in 2013. since then, the iyafp has developed into a youth-run non-profit organization dedicated to supporting youth to learn and advocate for family planning, sexual and reproductive health and rights. iyafp is a pro-rights, pro-choice organization for youth ages 15-30 years old.

the global iyafp chapter provides an accessible platform for youth around the world to gain skills and expertise to advocate for themselves and their communities. this trickles down into each chapter organization. currently, there are over 80 chapters across the globe.

who are “youth” and “young people” and what is our role?

the iyafp canada chapter defines youth as persons between 15-30 years of age or those just outside of this demographic who self-define as youth based on their life experiences.

iyafp canada’s community consists of motivated, proactive, and innovative young people who believe in the power of collective and collaborative change.